Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have AT LAST completed the entrelac shawl - it took forever so half is brick stitch!  I have beaded a box but has turned out very crude and am starting on a new one.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I see its been exactly a year since I had anything to say!!!  Amazing how time flies by and scary!  Well It has been a long time since I painted - I just cant do it.  I set up in many different places - even buy stuff but to actually put paint to paper has been impossible.  So today I have come to a decision - for now anyway - I like making things instead.  I have done a lot of crochet, beading and origami which has caused a lot of pain in my hands but that doesnt stop me.  Maybe during summer I will try again to paint - I would really love to do it again, I miss it so much.  Anyway I have discovered entrelac and double knitting.  At first they seemed so daunting and it took a long time to actually get started.  When I eventually did I discovered that once you get the hang of it, it is really easy!!!

Seed beading

   I have also been doing some pottery.  I have decided to make shawls (hence the entrelac knitting) and am making pins from clay.  Its an experiment of course - so I have no idea if it will work.  They went into the kiln for bisques firing today so hopefully by the end of the week (glazing) they will be done and hopefully a success. 

Success or not I will put a picture